How fix android hotspot keeps turning off



Using hotspot on one portable device to another to share internet is very easy but also comes with its perks while connecting the devices. Not every day would be favorable to you, sometimes you go through glitches while using the hotspot either from your Android device or iOS devices. In this article we will go through the ways to fix mobile hotspot by knowing the different operating systems and on multiple device. Here we are going to guide you on Android devices.

Firstly, you have to make sure your cellular data or the internet connection is not very poor as that would make your mobile hotspot weak. If the internet strength is not so good then this might be the reason why your hotspot is automatically turned off. You would be lucky if the area where you live in has a good network coverage. Try turning off your mobile hotspot and switch it on after sometime to see whether it’s working now. If it doesn’t then switch on airplane mode in your device and turn it off in few minutes.

Restart phone

If your mobile phone is running too many apps or if the phone is on use for a very long period of time then there are chances for your device to flare up. To bring your app, processor and the phone function back to normal, restart your device. Even if your hotspot is turning off quite often then restart your Android phone or tab. To restart, hold the power and on the power option and then tap restart.

Have you restarted your device but still the problem persists? Then in this case move to the next option.

Check hotspot timeout setting

Some of the mobile devices have setup timeout options to turn off the internet tethering if no device is connected. This would disconnect automatically. So, you better check if there are any time out configurations in your device’s hotspot.

Step 1: Head to 'Settings' and chose 'Network & internet'.

Step 2: Chose 'Hotspot tethering'.

Step 3: Now chose 'WiFi hotspot'.

Note: Sometime in your device, mobile hotspot would be mentioned as internet hotspot. This depend on the device that you are using.

Step 4: Click the 'Advanced' drop-down menu.

Step 5: Turn off the 'Turn off hotspot automatically' by toggling.

Never timeout, always keep WiFi hotspot on, or unlimited are some of the options that you will find in some Android devices. These options are mostly seen in Samsung devices to remove hotspot timeout.

If you come across any one of the above options in your mobile hotspot settings then select them to turn off any time limitations set on the internet tethering in your device.

You can also set timeout settings as per your need. You can configure it for 30 minutes or longer than that.

Note: Make sure you don’t leave your device connected to hotspot as it would drain your mobile phones or tab battery.

Disable battery saver

Have you disabled the timeout settings in your device but mobile hotspot keeps turning off? Then check whether your battery saver is turned on. Battery saver would work in the background to temporarily disable certain apps to make your battery last longer. Now turn off your battery saver and see whether the hotspot is working.

Step 1: Go to 'Settings' and chose 'Battery'.

Step 2: Now chose 'Battery saver'.

Step 3: Click the button 'Turn of now'.

Can also head to the notification bar and turn off the battery saver. In your smart device, swipe up the screen and you will get the notification bar then touch the battery saver icon to disable it.

Disable WiFi

The tethering of cellular data or internet is only supported in mobile hotspot on Android devices and other OS devices. Sharing internet from your Android device to another device through mobile hotspot is not possible when you are connected to the WiFi network. This can be the issue in some instances if your hotspot keeps turning off.

Your mobile hotspot is instantly turned off if your WiFi is always kept on. Even if it was not connected previously then it would scan for saved networks such as your home or office network and get connected automatically and disconnects mobile hotspot. Check whether this is the issue in your device as well.

To stabilize the hotspot connection, make sure you turn off your WiFi. To do it, head to 'Settings > Network & internet > WiFi and then toggle the 'WiFi off'. You can try another easy method which is simply swipe your screen down for the notification bar and click the WiFi icon.

Update operating system

Keep your operating system up to date by updating to the latest version is the best thing to do if there are any glitches in your device. By updating your mobile operating system can help you fix the hotspot issues as some old Android devices with the old version has the problem of dropping down mobile hotspot functionality in their history. We hope this could help you in fixing your problem.

Enjoy uninterrupted connections

You should know that some file sharing apps like xender and other similar apps can interfere with your mobile hotspot as the app sometimes allows the permission to enable internet tethering. This apps looks very handy but in reality, they do disturb your hotspot. Try to use mobile hotspot again by force closing those apps and also by closing the apps that are running in the background. You also can try to fix the problem by resetting your mobile network. We hope you tired the methods mentioned in this article.