Move contacts from samsung account to google



As we all know most of the Samsung users find it convenient to save all their contacts in Samsung clouds. When they switch to a new phone it gets complicated as they wouldn’t know how to move contacts from Samsung cloud. It is also possible to save a copy of your contacts in your Android phone or iPhone since Google works with them. If you find it hard to transfer from Samsung cloud to your Google then take a look at the ways given below to transfer without any hassle.

Switching to a new phone gets worrisome sometimes for Samsung users as they are afraid of losing all their contacts. If you save all your contacts to your Google contacts then you wouldn’t have to fret about losing them.

This is not actually a very easy task as you cannot view your Samsung contacts on your computer directly. First of all, you should move all your contacts from your mobile phone to your Google account.

Here we will take a look at 3 methods to transfer contacts from your Samsung cloud to Google account.

Method 1: Move Samsung account contacts to Google account on same device.

Check the steps given below if you want to move your Samsung contacts to your Google account which is already added to your phone. Create a VCF file in the beginning and then you have to import it to your device.

Note: make sure your google account is already added in your phone before carrying on with the steps below.

Create VCF files for Samsung contacts

Step 1: On your Samsung phone open the Samsung contacts. To head to the sidebar, tap the three dot icon which will be at the top.

Step 2: To show all contacts, phone, or google click 'Account switcher'. Next, from the menu choose the 'Samsung account'. Now the app will show the Samsung cloud contacts.

Step 3: You will be headed to the contacts app in your home screen. To chose a contact touch and hold the contact that you want. Now click the selection box next to all after selecting the contacts. Doing this would select all the available contacts. Next tap the share option.

Step 4: Now we have created the contact.vcf file. Save the file on your phone. In case if you don’t see any save options then you have to mail your file to your email id and then save it from your Gmail. It is necessary that you save the file somewhere so that you can make use of it later. You can also save the file in Google drive, One drive etc.

Step 5: You have to download the contact.vcf file to your device if you saved it on your Google drive, cloud storage or if you sent it to your email.

Import Samsung contacts VCF file to Google account

Step 1: Head to Samsung contacts app once more. At the top of the screen you will find the three-dot icon, tap on it. Now chose manage contacts.

Step 2: Click import or export contact as per your need. Now on the next screen hit import.

Step 3: Choose internal storage. All the VCF files from your phones internal storage will be shown now. Click the one you downloaded earlier which is mentioned in step 5 above and tap 'Done'.

Step 4: You have to select the account that you want to store the contacts in your device. Make sure you choose Google contact and hit import.

When the contacts are imported to the Google account successfully you will get a message of confirmation.

Open in your PC to verify it. Now you will witness the contacts in the Google account. You can try another method which is head to Samsung contacts and click the side bar and click the 'Account switcher'. Now choose Google account and you will see the Samsung contacts in it.

Save new Samsung phone contacts to Google account

Now your contacts have been successfully transferred to the google account. From now onwards your Google account should be the default storage location for all the new contacts. So now the contacts will be saved in Google account automatically. It will not get saved in Samsung account any more.

Are you planning to use the Google contacts without using the Samsung? Then open the Samsung contacts app and tap the side bar. Now click 'Manage contacts'. Next click the 'Default storage location' and choose your Google account.

Head back and choose 'Sync contacts'. Next to your Google account you will find the toggle option, enable it.

Note: There is also another method for enabling contact sync in your phone from Google account. First head to 'Settings > Accounts & backup > Accounts'. Now click the Google account and next click the 'Sync account'. The toggle should be enabled now which you will see next to contacts.

Method 2: Move Samsung account contacts to Google account in new phone

Have you saved your contacts on Samsung cloud on a different phone? Then this method is for you. Take a look at the steps below.

So, the steps for this are same as above so make sure you follow the steps given in the previous one. When the contacts are synced in your Google account, they will be shown on your new phone automatically with the same Google account that’s been logged in . This is the advantage of using Google contacts as they will be synced in your Google account so that you can open it from any device and the contacts will be readily available.

In certain situations, the contacts wouldn’t appear in your new phone but don’t worry as you can import the contacts manually. For doing it manually you have to created a VCF file like shown in the 1st method and save the contacts in which ever medium you want so that you can view it in your device.

Launch the Google contacts app in your new Android device. At the top you will see the three-bar icon, tap it. Now choose 'Settings'.

Select 'Import' and tap VCF file. Make sure you selected the VCF file which you created for Samsung contacts. Now the contacts will be available in your Google account. And also you can import VCF through your PC in

Method 3: Move Samsung phone contacts to Google account.

We selected the contacts saved in Samsung cloud in the above method but if you intend to move all the contacts that is saved on your Samsung device then you have to try the export option given below.

Let’s go to the steps;

Step 1: Head to the Samsung contacts app and click the side bar. Now hit 'Manage contacts'.

Step 2: Click 'Import or export contacts' and then tap 'Export'.

Step 3: Now you will notice that the number contacts that you are supposed to save would have been increased. This happens because all the contacts are now selected. To save the contacts VCF file click 'Internal storage'.

Step 4: Is the VCF file created now? If it is done you have to import it to the Google account. You can use your current phone for this purpose or also you can use a different one. Follow the same steps given in method 1 and 2 for this.

Now you know how to transfer all your contacts successfully. Learn more about google contacts so it will be more convenient for you. Hope you like this article.