Worried Where Your Family Members are? Find Their Location Instantly



We live in a world where technology has overtaken and new things are being introduced time to time. We are depending on technology for almost everything and we are in a state where we cannot live without these modern technologies. As we are more inclined towards it, we often rely on technologies to contribute in our day today life in an attempt to make our lives easy.

One of the most used and closest technologies is the mobile phone. A mobile phone is used for everything from paying bills to keeping an eye on where our kids are heading to. It's been such a useful tool for parents as they can ensure their kids safety. Even though we live in a civilized world, our world is not completely safe. We have to make sure our kids and family are safe when they are heading out. So let's see how we can use the latest technology to safeguard and protect our family and loved ones. Your phone can help you check whether your loved ones are safe and sound. Let's take a look at how to do this.

We use our phone for numerous reasons. Mostly parents use their mobile phones to call their kids when needed. If they get late they can give a call and ask whereabouts. In case if they don't answer the call they can send a text message. What if they don't reply to text messages? This would bring a tense situation until the kids get back home safe.

Youngsters these days go out with friends often and they get really annoyed when parents keep on calling them to know their current location, so they sometimes put the device in silent mode and don't answer the calls. Youngsters not only go with friends and enjoy but they do have important works as well. What if they are stuck in an important work and don't want the parents to call often and they don't want to reply for messages instantly.

Now let's look at how to keep track of your loved ones even though they don't answer your call or send a text message. You can know where they are without disturbing them. As we all know sending locations to our loved one is possible to know the exact location and also know the location through their social media status but we sometimes want to keep an eye on our kids or our loved ones without having to trouble them by calling often. Do you want to know where your kids or family members are without calling them? This is possible now. Now you don't have to worry if your children reach home late or if they don't answer your call. Now it's possible to know whether your child left college or if they are at a friends' place. Now you can easily get the location of them no matter where they are. The app which you use for this purpose is called 'Find my friends, family, kids - GPS tracker'. This is a wonderful app which will allow you to view the live location of your loved ones through your personal family map. It will also notify you if the certain person you are looking for has left or reached the specific destination if you have already marked it on the map. There's another interesting feature which is, you will get an alert if a family member is close by. These are some of the ways you can use the app to protect your family from any threats and ensure safety. There are also so many other options available in this app, some of them are: if you want to find your lost phone you can use GPS to track your device, if you are in an emergency situation you simply can shake your phone to send panic alerts for your family members and many other useful features. To make use of all these features let's move ahead with how to set up the app. 

Find Family Members Location Instantly

To get started download the app called 'isharing' on your Android device from google play store.

This app can alert you when your loved ones are nearby and get the location of them if they are traveling somewhere and many more features.
When you are done Installing the app Launch the app and get registered with your name, contact number and other details.

Then you have to turn the location on for the app. Then you can locate your current location by tapping "locate me".

Next you have to create a circle by inviting your family and close ones . To invite, tap the icon which you will see on the left bottom.

Now we are done with the app you can make use of all the features by getting emergency alerts, nearby alerts, find the location, chat with friends in your circle and many more.

You are able to share your real time location or your social media profile by tapping on the profile icon. This can be done by clicking at the main interface.

You can find and adjust other options from the settings menu of the application as per your requirement.

So now you know how to locate your loved ones or get notifications when something goes wrong by using the 'isharing' app. This app is easy to configure if you follow the above steps. You can download directly from the playstore

If you have this app downloaded you don't have to worry if anyone in your family gets late to come or if they don't receive your call as you can jot down the live location anytime you want with the help of this app. Hope this app is very useful.