5 things to consider before buying a new smartphone



Smartphones are one essential devices to own in today’s world. We don’t easily get to see people without their smartphones, wherever they go or wherever they are, they carry a smartphone throughout. In parties, gatherings or even hangouts, what we get to see is everyone hangs onto their phones and not with each others. This literally shows us how much the smart devices has taken its space today.

We do use a smartphone not only for the purpose of communicating but today we are in a state where we can do an unbelievable amount of works using the device. From gaming to browsing the internet, from official works to just scrolling and also from becoming a photographer to an influencer a smartphone is used. So every others have different reasons to why they need a better smartphone according to their works. In that case, if you want to buy a new smartphone you have to consider a few factors before just spending all of your savings on to it.

There are varieties of smartphones with different models and operating systems. Each one of them would have some special features included. For example if you are interested in taking pictures for your works, to become a blogger or influencer then you have to choose a phone with a better camera quality in it. So likewise each of us has to take into note the factor that we are in need of the most. So that is why today I am going to point out a few factors to consider about before you buy a new phone. Come let’s take a look at them.

1. Operating system-

The first thing we should consider before buying a smartphone is the operating system. There are several systems to be found today. So you can examine between the latest smartphones and linger into it and better do not go to buy the outdated versions like the Nougat or Marshmellow.

2. Size and types of display-

The size and the display should be taken into consideration when you use your smartphones to play games and prefer HD graphics to be in a better quality, so a 5.7 inches or so and for those who use the smartphone to just browse the internet for social media a smaller inch screen would be sufficient.

When it comes for the display technology there are two types in Android- LCD and AMOLED, the difference is the projection of light in the two. LCD will be brighter and display content be better in bright sunlight. And the AMOLED will offer sharper contrast and a better saturated colours.

3. Internal storage-

If you are looking to buy a new Android, check out for the RAM and internal storage. Do not just check out them on the sticker but also from the phone itself. If you want to expand the storage of your phone then you can use an external card. You should also decide on how much storage you might need and decide on which model you prefer 128 GB or 256 GB of the internal storage. If you aren’t going to save in a lot of music, movies or files then you will not need too much of space. It is better to opt for atleast 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

4. Battery life-

This is one of the most important feature that you should look out at when you are to buy a new smartphone. And you should know that the number of mAh doesn’t amount in more battery life or a better cycle. Know that the more resolution consume more energy and the latest processors use the battery life efficiently.

5. Camera quality and creativity-

Today most of us prefer the more about the camera quality and the features of the phone. We are to consider more about the megapixel, hybrid auto focus, optical stabilization, manual modes, special effects and selfie features. So that if you are someone who use the camera more often for the social media or any other needs, then checkout for the quality in the maximum amount.

Like the above mentioned features, you can also check out for the software and integrated functions, design and functionality and so on. Thereby you can check them and decide on what to buy and what to look for, so you can literally spend your money effectively without any fear. I hope this guide will be useful for every one of you.