5 Best blue light filter apps for Android



As we are moving towards a technological phase of the world, it is very common to witness people use their smartphones at night for longer hours. We literally go to bed with our phones and wake up in the morning to our phones, that much we are addicted to it. Not only the working people but everyone who browse the internet and use social media get stuck with it for hours not knowing how late it is at night. This can bring in many health issues such as insomnia and eye problems as the brightness of the screen can cause harm.

Though we know the health issues, we are so addicted that we can’t get rid of our smartphones. So in that case we have to find ways to reduce the effect that it can cause and make it more comfortable and convenient to use even in a poor light surrounding. Taking the harms into consideration, there are some apps that are designed to help us to change the brightness into night mode when using in low light or at night. Come let’s check on them.

5 Best blue light filter apps for Android
1. Blue light filter- Night mode, Night shift.

Some face a severe insomnia; difficulty sleeping after using the phones for longer hours and this app is designed specially to help such people.

The best feature of the app is the built in filters that regulates the ‘color gamuts’ of the screen and allows to achieve a natural image for the eyes. And it has made it very easy to turn on the night mode by just a click. It also adjusts the brightness according to the light and the amount of blue radiation accordingly, which will not strain your eyes.

Note that the application should be turned off before downloading any programs or clicking a picture as it will be created taking into consideration the night effect of the application.

2. Blue light filter for eye care-

The blue light found in the smart devices and cause strains to the eyes bringing in so many problems. So this app is made to reduce the strain and help prevent from having other problems like sleeplessness and so on. The app will automatically adjust the color scheme of the phone to reduce the blue light of the screen.

Open the app and activate the app, then you can also hide the application or activate it in the status bar.

You can go to the settings and choose whether you want the app to run automatically when the device is turned on or use it manually. You will also have a widget in the notification bar, from which you can turn with just a click or adjust the level of filter. Better to turn off the application while taking screenshots or so.

3. Twilight-

This app create prominent filters to the screen brightness to be used in the evening or in low light times. With this app turned on, you can literally use the phone to read, play or browse the internet even at night time without having to face some sleepless nights.

The apps brightness level will automatically adjust to the light outside adopting the time. You can easily setup the application as you wish, adjust the filters, set the start of the evening time, make it work permanently or temporarily and also set the required parameters for the intensity of the screen.

4. Night screen -

This application is designed for all the android users, who sit late at night and use their phones for hours without considering the amount of the surrounding light. This app will help reduce the brightness of the screen to a maximum amount while setting the filters with a dark shade. It will help you not strain the eyes whole using it at the night time and also help you save battery life. You will be able to easily adjust the brightness level. The app also will automatically do the work for you if you prefer it to.

5. Dimly-

This is a very famous app among the android smartphone users. The simple feature in it makes it easier to use. It will help you by dimming the display, filtering blue light, set timer for automatic mode, set a maximum and minimum brightness and also you can set up to just shake the phone to restore the brightness to the normal level.

All these features can be seen under one screen which makes it simple.

So that’s it, we have now seen a few applications that would allow you to use the phone in dim or night light by using the night modes, that will save you from insomnia and eye problems as said above. If you use your phone at night and is addicted to it, then you can choose one of the apps shown above and use them for a better health.