How To Write-Protect An SD Card/USB Drive/Pen Drive



We are living in a world that has changed the way of life from how it was a few years back. Today with the evolutionary changes, smart services has taken a major role in the lives of every single person. We are able to talk to one another, from any corner of the world using a small device, we can even do video calling and live chat. With a smart phone in our hand we feel we literally have the world in it. When we want to know something, we browse the internet, when we want to see a place or get a picture, we use our phones. Likewise we also don’t see people carrying files and papers to their offices or any working places. That is how much the world has changes with technology.

Everything is changed and made easier. Like the smart phones, we also have pen drives and USB’s that issued to save files, videos, pictures and also transfer much files from one device to another. We also use them to save movies and then insert them to a television to watch movies or any clips that we have transferred. Now every working people use usb or pen drives for their office and work purposes. So they will also have saved in files and documents that are very important and personal, which should be maintained securely. For that purpose we all prefer to maintain the security of our SD cards and USB drives in a better way, as they can get viruses when being used in different PC or devices. Not only virus but other types of threats can also take place.

When we store in important folders and documents in our drive, we will not want anyone else browse it or copy them. But when we are in a situation to give our usb drive to someone to see something or for any such purpose, we will have to be careful of not letting them copy any files from the drive or to transfer or write any virus or such wrong files to our USB drive. So to protect drives we can adjust the settings to make the user only read files or any of its contents but will not be able to write anything to or from the usb drive

So this way we will not have to fear of the state of our usb drives when handled by someone else in any situations and also we will not have to stand beside looking at what they are doing. If we disable the procedure to write protect the SD or the USB drive, our drives will be secured. So today we are going to check on how to protect an SD card and USB drive particularly in windows 10. Let’s see how to get this step activated in our windows 10 in a step by step procedure.

Write protect SD/USB /Pen drives.

Firstly to start with, you have to browse the windows file explorer or open up the ‘my computer’.

Then, you have to right click on the removable drive and it will open the contextual menu.

There you will have various options that you can select such as ejecting the drive from the PC and also the formatting option.

You have to click on the ‘properties’ out of all the options.

Now the USB property window or the removable drive option will appear in your screen.

There, click on the ‘security tab’ which is available on the upper left corner of the tab.

There you will see a list of options of permissions available.

You have to click on the ‘edit’ to adjust or change any given permissions.

A unit of permissions will open up. There you have to deny the permission for the ‘writing’ field and tap on ‘apply’ to save the changes.

That’s it. Now this way you can protect your drives and write any type of files to it. This will help secure the usb/pen or sd drives from malicious threats, virus and malware from being installed. I hope this will be useful for all the people who use a pen drive or any type of a drive for work and other personal needs.