Best Android Photo Editor Apps In 2020



Today having a smartphone in our hands literally makes things much easier. It’s more like having a big computer, camera, calculator and so many others inside one small flat device. We can accomplish a lot with a smartphone. The best feature that is always looked up on a smartphone is the camera. We always want our phone camera to have the best quality as we do click pictures very often. That is why we talk about and check onto the camera quality of every smartphones that we come across from.

When we take pictures from our phones, we do upload them on social media platforms such as Facebook and instagram. For that, we will always want the picture to be perfect. But not always does the pictures we click turn out to be perfect. We will have to edit the picture to colour correct it by changing filters, adjust the brightness, crop out unnecessary parts and do so many other edits. That is when we will have a picture perfect photo to upload to our instagram. There are so many applications to edit a picture but all of them have different abilities and different features in them. So we have to choose the right app and the one that satisfies us in all needs. So that is why i have done a research and brought to you some of the best editing applications that you can use. So come let us check on each one of them.

1. Photoshop express

This Adobe photoshop express is one simple and powerful editing app. There are many great features included in it which makes the users bring out a best photo after the edit. They have the features like one touch filters, variety of effects, colours, auto fix, frames and so on. The advanced tools like image rendering engine are also available to edit large files like the panoramic photos. And if you have ever wanted to get rid of unwanted grains speckling seen in the night photos can be easily minimized using the noise reduction feature.

It is free and have more than 80 filters to use.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio -

This app is named as one of the best photo editing apps. They have included some amazing feature for you to edit the picture as you desire. It also has a built in camera feature and the ability to share directly to your social media profiles.

You can do a collage, draw, insert frames or even stickers to your image. The brush mode in the editing process will help apply effects for a selected parts. Likewise there are many quick editing options which you can try.

3. Fotor Photo Editor-

This Android application has got tones of cool features and tools to enhance the quality of the images. It provides some best customizable edit functions such as brightness, exposure, contrast and such other features. You will be able to make collages with classic and magazine templates. It’s free to download.

4. PhotoDirector-

The PhotoDirector app is a user friendly app which contains multi features to edit photos. It also includes an in built camera feature which will allow you to apply live photo affects when you click a picture. You will also be able to share the edited pictures directly to the social medias. The best part is you can remove unwanted objects or photobombers in this app and it also have varieties of photo filters and effects such as Lomo, Vignette and so on.

5. Snapseed-

This is an app that is created by Google to enhance a quality picture after edit. There are so many filters included and nearly 29 varieties of tools to edit. You also have the dark mode in the app. You can customize an edit structure and save it to use for other pictures as well. RAW DNG files can also be edited and exported as JPG. It can be downloaded for free.

So that’s it, we have checked on some of the beat apps that can be used to make a normal image into an extraordinarily picture perfect image by doing some edits. Every insta freaks and pinterest lovers can always depend on such edit applications and bring out the best. You will never have a dull or blur picture in your profile thereafter. So you can decide on what app is the best for you can use it for all the edits. I wish this guide would be useful for all of you.