How To Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos on Android



In today's world where Android phones are being used by almost every human soul, taking a picture is just a click away. However, making that picture a perfect picture used to be something that everybody had difficulty with. Until now, In the various app stores spread all over the internet, you can find a ton of apps designed to optimize your pictures but this app has shown that when coders put their mind to designing software, they sometimes come up with truly user-friendly apps which are easy to use and extremely fast at optimizing our visual content.

Like it or not we all have tons of photos on our phones which remain there i.e, only in our phones. Most photos we have are not worth posting on social media or blogs because of their little imperfections. A little bit of a goof up here and a little bit of a photo op disaster there. Up until now we generally go back to our computers and access Photoshop or iphoto clean up to make our photos more socially acceptable. This is cumbersome and more of an obstacle when you are mobile and out there and want to send photos to your friends to look at and drool but in vain for the lack of your computer with that bulky software which enables you to make that picture-perfect. Well, not anymore the TouchRetouch app gives you unbelievably great tools to remove or edit your pictures with minimal effort.

Now we have a TouchRetouch app. This app helps in removing all unwanted things in your picture. This makes the picture just a perfect picture.

How to easily remove unwanted objects from your photos. Here are some simple steps that will help you do so.

1) Once you have opened the Touch Retouch app, select the image that you will like to edit.

2) Now choose the object removal tool from the main menu. Use brush or the lasso tool to create a line around the removable object in your photo. Once selected the brush tool will quickly eliminate the object. However, it may edit out too much of the surrounding area. The lasso tool, on the other hand, covers the space within the line that you draw. This is more detailed. You can view this with a light green overlay over the brushed area.

3)Simply use your finger to draw over the content you want to remove. You can use the settings to adjust the size you want to remove.

4)The best part is that this can remove multiple parts in a picture at one time. Use the eraser to unselect the parts which are highlighted but you don't want to be removed.

5)This app also has a zoom-in option to have a detailed view before the action is performed.

So simple 5 steps and you have a perfect picture with all unwanted spots removed.

Now let me introduce you to the powerful tools in this app.

1) Lasso and brush: To use the lasso long tap the object that you will like to remove. Make a line around the object. This will be the selection you make to remove. Unlike Lasso, brush is much simpler. Long tap the object you want to remove, then apply the brush to select the area.Brush can also be used to increase or decrease the area.

2)Hand: By using the hand you can pan the photo by taking it out of the editing mode.

3)Eraser: As explained earlier you can remove the spots that you do not want to be removed by the app.

4)Start: Just like the name suggests this helps in starting the removal work from a photo.

5)Save: This helps you to save the changes.

To put it in simple terms TouchRetouch enables you to load an image from your photo repository and use your fingers to either draw a circle around the part of the image you want to change or use the brush to highlight the same part. The intelligent software which uses the same technology like that available in Photoshop CS5 namely Content-aware fill replaces the area of the picture with a background that fits the picture. This type of technology is expensive, but not anymore, not with TouchRetouch. Over and above the app lets you send the photos from your email or load it back to your photo repository. The app also includes a clone tool that enables you to repair parts of a picture in which the retouching process has not been fixed to your satisfaction.

So to conclude the TouchRetouch app is a perfect tool to make your photos come alive with you now having the control of what you want to show and what you want to remove.