Every Tom, Dick, and Harry are making a presence on social media today.  Because of this overcrowding, there is a chance of getting lost in the crowd.  Everybody wants to stand apart from the rest and make an impression. To achieve this, uploading outstanding photos is one way.  However, it needs to be eye-catching.  What better way than to make a cartoon avatar.  In other words, a cartoon-like version of the photo is sure to catch everyone’s attention and ensures a second look.  For that reason and also for privacy and security concerns, some prefer to have a cartoon avatar for their social media identity.

So, if you too are captivated by cartoon avatar images, then the question plying in your mind is, how to create an avatar from the photo?

The answer is straightforward and very easy to do.  Today, there are various tools available wherein all you need to do is upload your photo, and the tool immediately converts it into a cartoon avatar.  Listed below are two great tools available today which can create an avatar from the photo.

1.AVATOON (Android and iOS):   This simple tool just needs permission to access the camera and photos.  Once the necessary permission is granted, take a photo or select an existing image. That is all. Avatoon will now create an avatar from the photo.  You can also create an avatar from a photo without uploading one.

TThis tool has some real suitable readymade shapes which you can use to define your characteristics so that the avatar resembles you. For instance, there are a variety of hairstyles, hair colors to choose from.  Also, you can touch up your eyelashes, add an eyeliner, and even add a pair of eyeglasses to your cartoon avatar.  The Avatoon tool also offers awesome customizations such as changing the background, clothes, etc. Even different poses such as saying hi, playing guitar, or tree pose, GIFs are made possible in this tool. Being a free tool, it has some ads which need to be watched now and then. Also, it has a coin-based system for using certain features. That means you need to watch an ad for at least 30 seconds to earn some coins. If this sounds boring, then you can go for the premium app version.

2AVATARMAKER:  As the name suggests, this is an easy-to-use tool for creating an avatar from the photo. Being an online tool, there is no need to download it.  For privacy reasons, if uploading your real photo does not appeal to you, then you can create an avatar without it.  You can manually select the features such as gender and then select the face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, etc., from a range of options. Once you are satisfied with the end result, you can download the finished avatar. 


When the viewers start asking you which tool you have used to create the cartoon avatar, you can gauge for yourself the excellence of the tool.  So, check out the various tools first and then decide which one you prefer.  Both Avatoon and Avatar Maker offers excellent options to create an avatar from the photo.  So why not try these out today and wait for the praises to come your way.  Unleash your creative side, and with a bit of imagination, you can use the avatar cartoon to make a lasting impression.