How to Trace Mobile number with Name and Address



Can you imagine getting over100 calls a day from unknown numbers? It's a nightmare to decide whether to answer the call or not. I remember all the times when I defaulted on my loan and had to attend those ghastly calls from the recovery agents, it was a nightmare. Those days we were still using basic phones and nobody ever knew what Truecaller was, in all probability TrueCaller was not even born. Today if you have TrueCaller it's a different story altogether.

Let me tell you about a small incident that happened just a couple of days ago. It's been a very long time that I left school and along with school, I left being in touch with my classmates. Some classmate of mine had started a WhatsApp group a few years back with the saintly intention to somehow get the class together again. We are all 40-year-old adults now and slowly but surely a lot of the guys got added and started conversing and rekindling old relations. I was however not lucky enough to get added as I keep a low social profile but eventually, I got sucked into the group, call it the power of technology. 

I was elated to see my old friends, most of them did not recognize me as I was using my wife's profile. I saw my best friend over there in the group and thought of playing a prank. I called him using my phone posing as a credit card seller and spoke to him for a while, it was a heated conversation wherein I had top sell and he didn't want to buy, eventually, he hung up but I called him back and cursed him about his caller tune, he passed the phone to his wife who gave me left, right and center and hung up. To my surprise, within a few minutes, my super negative prospect called back and started laughing and loving me, what happened?? Oh! Nothing. 

He had Truecaller App, which he had installed on a different phone and he wanted to find my name to launch a complaint with the credit card company, to his surprise Trucaller revealed my name and he straightaway recognized me and now we are best friends "in touch" again. That's the power of this app. Read on and then install, take action because you will start recognizing your long lost friends.

But now with the Truecaller app installed on your android phone taking that decision is so much simpler.

How do you get the true caller in your android device? Well, it's these simple 3 steps that you will need to follow.

1)First, download the Truecaller app on your mobile using the download link.

2)After the app is downloaded completely, you just need to install it on the phone.

How to trace mobile number

3)After installation is complete simply open the app and click on "GOT IT"(The caller id of this app is enabled by default)

That is it your Truecaller app is ready to use. Truecaller's SMS spam filtering is the best there is on Android (at least for India). Click on search and look up any number you want to know about. This will flash the name of the person.

Here are some of the best features of the truecaller app.

1)Three apps in one: With the truecaller app you'll find shortcuts to Dialer, Messages, and Contacts on your Home screen.Since they're all part of the same app, you can quickly jump between them from within the app.

2)Customize the phone user Interface: When you see a contact in the list simply swipe left to call that number and swipe right to send a message. Now is that not a time saver. With truecaller you will also find horizontally scrolling contacts list at the top and this list changes on the basis of your usage. All you need to do is tap on the contact here and it will directly dial the number for you.

3)Scanning numbers using the camera: All you need to do is open the sidebar by simply swiping in from the left side of the screen.When you do that you'll see a small preview at the top. Tap on it to give camera access.Now just point the camera towards any written number.Truecaller will instantly recognize the number and from the database, it will show you all the details in relation to the number. You can go ahead and then either save the number or call the number at that very moment.Isn't that ingenious.

4)Enable SMS filtering: Truecaller's SMS spam filtering is the best feature for an android device.All you need to do is turn on the feature. Once that is done you'll find two sections at the top of Messages - Inbox and Spam. If you get a spam message simply mark it as the same from the notification area and then block the number. Isn't that simple.

Apart from these, you can also take the truecaller Premium membership. With the help of truecaller Premium, you call do call recording. You can block the ads. You can also have up to 30 contact requests per month. All you need to do is search for a name and send a contact request. then that contact sends you all the contact details.

All in all the true caller app is a blessing in disguise to this world as we need to choose carefully whom we should talk to and which calls are better left unanswered.