How to back up your photos and videos easily



In this technologically developed world we are so much addicted to the smart devices that we use them very often. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go back to sleep we are all into the phones. Things have turned out to be quiet easy as we are able to accomplish all our office works, school works and also every other works using a smartphone like we do in a computer. Thereby today smartphones is almost an all in one device, as it replaces a computer, camera, radio, music players, calculators and so much more.

But i think everyone would agree to the point that apart from using the smartphone for the communication purposes, it is widely used to take picture and video, along with the usage for browsing the social media. So literally, we will have stored in a lot of pictures of ours and downloaded videos or even screenshots in our phones, which will occupy a huge amount of the storage space. And then what will you do when you run out of storage space? Keep deleting the old pictures and videos? Well, no one will ever want to delete off some of the best moments captured as pictures. 

So here you will be confused of what to do. Not only that, but we also wonder what to do when we change phones. Sending every photos and videos one by one to the new phone will not be a better option. So the best way to solve these problems is to back them all up to the cloud. Which will help you save storage space and also allow you to have all your picture safe even when you get a new phone. There are some great options on how you can back up pictures and videos to the cloud. So let’s check them up.

How to back up your photos and videos easily

1. Back up using Google photos -

This is one of the best app that you will find to backup, store or view photos and videos. It will automatically backup all of the gallery to the google account storage and free up your phone storage. Let us see on how to get it done.

Firstly, download the app Google photos from the Google playstore to your android smartphone.

Then launch the app and in the home screen tap on the ‘menu icon’ which is available in the top left corner.

There select the ’settings’ option. 

Then press ‘back up and sync’.

Now you have to toggle on the ‘backup and sync’ option to turn on.

That’s it, now automatically all the photos and videos from your gallery will be saved into the Google photo. Which you can use as your photo gallery too. Not only that using your gmail id you will be able to browse them from anywhere.

2. Using Drop box

This app will give you a 2GB free space to use. When you get the app and create an account you will be all set to start the backup process easily. Let’s check on how to do that.

You have to first download the application in your smartphone and then create an account to sign in.

Next you can open the app in your smartphone and tap on the ‘add’ button which is available in the bottom of the screen.

Then select the ‘upload photos or videos’ option.

Thereafter, you have to select all the photos and videos that you wish to upload to the Dropbox app.

Then tap on the ‘upload’ button.

That’s it, now all the selected photos and videos will be saved in to the cloud using the Dropbox application. You can access to the Dropbox account from any devices afterwards.

So now we have checked on two great ways to backup photos for different needs. This will help you get rid of the full storage problem that arise in your smartphone and also help you have all your gallery saved carefully and transfer them to the new device that you get. Both the apps are well secured and widely used by many users worldwide. Hope you would have an option now on what to do in such moments.