15 Best Launchers For Android



Android offers a diverse range of launchers that empower users to personalize their devices to suit their unique preferences. Whether you're seeking a minimalist interface, enhanced productivity features, or a complete overhaul of your device's appearance, there's a launcher out there for you. In this article, we will present a selection of the best Android launchers available, highlighting their key features and benefits.

Best Launcher For Android

15 Best Launchers For Android

1. Nova Launcher: 

Nova Launcher is a highly acclaimed and feature-rich launcher that offers unparalleled customization options. With its extensive array of gestures, customizable app drawer, and support for icon packs, Nova Launcher empowers users to create a truly personalized home screen experience.

2. Lawnchair Launcher: 

Built on the Launcher3 project, Lawnchair Launcher delivers a clean and stock Android aesthetic while offering ample customization features. It supports Google Now integration, adaptive icons, and notification dots, allowing users to tailor their device's appearance to their liking.

3. Microsoft Launcher: 

Designed for productivity enthusiasts, Microsoft Launcher seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services. It provides easy access to calendar events, documents, and recent activities on mobile and PC. Additionally, customizable news feeds and gesture controls enhance the overall user experience.

4. Action Launcher: 

Action Launcher boasts a unique and dynamic approach to Android customization. Its Quicktheme feature automatically applies colors from your wallpaper to the interface. Furthermore, the innovative "Shutters" feature allows users to reveal app widgets by swiping an app icon, optimizing screen space.

5. Evie Launcher: 

With its simplicity and elegance, Evie Launcher offers a minimalist user experience. It includes a universal search feature for finding apps, contacts, and web searches quickly. Users can also enjoy customizable app shortcuts and a variety of attractive home screen layouts.

6. Smart Launcher 5: 

Smart Launcher 5 aims to simplify the user interface while maintaining visual appeal. Its distinctive "flower" arrangement organizes apps into categorized folders, enabling efficient navigation. The adaptive app drawer automatically sorts apps based on usage patterns, ensuring a seamless experience.

7. Niagara Launcher: 

Niagara Launcher prides itself on its minimalistic design and clutter-free interface. It features a vertically-scrolling app drawer, smart app categorization, and notification previews. The launcher's focus on simplicity makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a streamlined experience.

8. CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher): 

CPL, also known as Customized Pixel Launcher, replicates the stock Android experience found on Google Pixel devices. It offers features like personalized Google Feed integration, notification dots, and the ability to customize grid sizes and icon appearances.

9. ADW Launcher 2: 

ADW Launcher 2 provides users with a plethora of customization options. From icon pack support and gesture controls to widget resizing and transition effects, this launcher allows you to transform your device's interface to reflect your personal style.

10. Apex Launcher: 

Apex Launcher combines a clean user interface with powerful customization features. It offers a wide range of transition effects, scrollable docks, and customizable app drawer grids. Users can also lock their desktop to prevent accidental changes.

11. POCO Launcher: 

POCO Launcher, developed by Xiaomi, prioritizes speed and efficiency. It features an app drawer categorization system, customizable icons, and smooth performance. The launcher's lightweight design ensures optimal performance even on low-end devices.

12. Hyperion Launcher: 

Hyperion Launcher offers a balance between simplicity and customization. It provides users with features such as custom grid sizes, icon shape customization, and a handy search bar. With its sleek design and regular updates, Hyperion Launcher remains a popular choice.

13. Launcher 10: 

For those who miss the Windows Phone interface, Launcher 10 recreates the Windows 10 Mobile experience on Android devices. It features Live Tiles, customizable home screens, and tile resizing options, allowing users to relive the Windows Phone nostalgia.

14. Niagara Pro: 

Niagara Pro is the premium version of Niagara Launcher, offering additional features such as icon pack support, hidden apps, and an enhanced app search functionality. The Pro version unlocks more customization options for users seeking a more personalized experience.

15. Total Launcher: 

Total Launcher empowers users to create highly customized home screens with its extensive range of features. It supports custom gestures, icon resizing, and widget placement options, providing ample room for creativity and personalization.


With these 15 outstanding Android launchers, users can elevate their device's interface and functionality to new heights. From the versatile Nova Launcher to the minimalistic elegance of Evie Launcher, each option offers a unique set of customization features. Explore these launchers, unleash your creativity, and transform your Android device into a personalized masterpiece.