How to Use Voice Effects During Calls in Android



Communication is a very important aspect in life. When the phones were invented it amazed people on how a person could contact another who is far away within seconds. But today we have a smartphone in our hand with plenty of options and features filled in and yet we seem to be surprised with them every now and then because we get updated with new things very often in this technologically advanced world. Thereby using a smartphone is super easy and fun.

Today we are going to checkout a fun way on how to talk using a different voice from your very own smartphone. If you are wondering what i am telling, then come let me tell you. I have seen a few friends who very badly wanted to find a better way to mimicry. They were trying their best to learn to talk in a different voice because they wanted to prank their friends and colleagues over the phone. They tried it so many time but ended up in failure. That is when we found out a super easy and a great method to carry out the prank. It is to get an app which will automatically change your voice when you talk while on a call, so that the call receiver will not be able to find out who it is. But to do so, we had to spend hours in finding the best app. There were many apps that had the feature but either they corrupted while on the process or the voice effects were not good enough. We kept on researching and finally found the best app with an awesome results.

If you are also someone who is looking for such an voice effect changing app then don’t worry, as you have landed on the right place. For those who are wondering what exactly you can do by changing your voice to a complete stranger or a cartoon voice, let me give you all a small idea too. Well, have you ever sat around with family or friends and thought of doing something interesting but nothing came to your mind or have you ever wanted to prank someone and never got a chance to do so, because that particular person knows your voice very well? If so, then you can try out the awesome app i am going to introduce to all of you too. It is the app named ‘Fun Calls- Voice Changer and Call Recorder’. This app comes with some great features that you all will fall in love with. Using this app, you can select any voices that you want from the list provided. It got the Helium bloom voice, funny sound, man voice, scary sound, regular sound and etc. the helium bloom effect and the funny sound comes with a high pitched volume, while the man voice and the scary sound are at a low pitched volume. The regular voice effect will adjust your voice and and adapt accordingly to your natural voice. You can make a choice and select the beat voice effect as you wish.

This app does not only comes up with the voice changing feature but along with that you also have a bonus feature where you will be able to record calls and save them in your phone. This feature will allow you to listen to those prank calls later and also share the fun moment with your family members and friend groups. I should also mention the possibility of selecting a background sound effect such as a dog barking sound, meowing, mooing or any such sounds that’s available. So when using these sound effects, the call receiver will actually get confused of who you are and from where you are making the call from. Seems to be really interesting isn’t it? This is a user friendly app which comes with a great voice quality. All you have to do is find a concept to prank your friends. So come let us go straight into finding how to get the app started.

Use Voice Effects During Calls in Android

You have to get the app called ‘Fun Calls’ directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let us now move on to check how to start pranking your friends and colleagues using the wonderful app.

First, you have to launch the app in your phone and then a privacy policy pop up message will appear requesting for permission. Simply press on the ‘allow’ button to continue.

Then tap on the green dial pad which is available at the bottom of the app to make a call.

Next, you will be led to the page where you can select a voice that you wish from the list of voice effects provided. When you have selected, dial the phone number to make the call. That’s it, simple as that.

If you don’t remember the number, you can also select it from the phone book by clicking on the ‘Contacts’ icon.

Thereafter the phone will be connected and all you have to do is talk to the receiver and start having fun. If you wish to listen to the voice quality before making the call, then you can do so by taking a demo voice recording test.

Some other worthy features available in this app are the ‘Call recording’ feature and the possible of ‘Current Phone Number Changing’ feature. To use these feature, you have to the ‘Settings’ option in the app.

That’s it, now this way you can start pranking your friends not just by changing the voice effect and adding a background sound but as the best part you can also change your phone number, so that the receiver will not know who is calling. Sounds great, isn’t it? So you can now download this app directly from the Google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet by Clicking here.

As things are getting smoother and easier, pranking friends has also become very interesting and easy now. You can start having unlimited fun with a great voice quality. But make sure to use the app only for the purpose of fun.